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How To Bring More Sunlight Into Buildings

As we’ve previously mentioned, sunlight is a very important par of our lives. When we don’t get enough of it, we can start to experience one r several negative effects. Since most of us work during the day, getting enough sunlight can, in certain areas and times of the year, be a bit more of a challenge.

Daily light exposure is part of a healthy lifestyle, but is not always possible through the common solution of the simple window. A different method is, however, accessable today: sunlight through solar fibre optics.

How Solar Fibre Optics Work

The physics behind Solar Fibre Optics is quite simple. There are three main components used in the installation, and these are the Solar Collectors/Receivers, Fibre Optic Cables and the Indoor Lights. The Solar collectors consist of small mirrors which focuses the sunlight into the fibre optic cables. They are usually placed on the rooftop and configured to track the sun all day. The Fiber Optic Cables transmit the captured sunlight throughout the building where they are connected to the Indoor Lights.

The Indoor Lights are lighting apparatuses that disperse the sunlight into the building. Although the installation process may be a little expensive, the long-term benefits are definitely worth it. Not only will you save cost on electricity over time, but you will also enjoy the health benefits that comes from sunlight. With several expert installers that can handle the installation of Solar Fibre Optics perfectly, you really can’t say no to those doses of Vitamin D.

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The effect of sunlight

With recent studies about the effect of sunlight, it is now a known fact that the ray of sunshine is more of a friend than an enemy. In fact, scientists have been able to confirm that sunlight is essential for human existence in more ways than one. Every day, we receive an unmeasurable amount of sunlight with only a portion of it properly utilised. Among the several benefits from sunlight, the focus of this discussion will be on the effect of sunlight on the eyes. However, directly gazing at the sun is dangerous and is not encouraged as this can cause huge damage to your retina.

How sunshine help maintain the efficiency of the eyes.

In a book titled Yoga of Perfect Sight, authored by R. S. Agarwal, it was stated that the human eye needs light to retain its performance. Sunlight is as necessary to the human eye as are relaxation and rest. A quick study of how the eyes work, reveals the dependency of the human eyes on the transfer of light. Research was carried out by a group of scientists at King’s College, London. This research was focused on examining the vision of some European adults. It was observed at the end that adults who have more exposure to sunlight at childhood were less likely to develop myopia.

Maximising the potential of sunshine for your eyes.

If you want to enjoy the potential of sunlight, you would need to be conversant with nature. There is a need to take note of when the sun rises, how long it takes to reach its peak and also how long it takes before setting at different period of the year. This helps you to plan your outdoor activities properly even with tight work schedule. Treat your eyes like a living organism that needs to be fed, and its only food is good light. Create more outdoor activities for yourself to keep your eyes well fed. However, avoid intense sunlight or when the sun is at its peak.

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Learning and Problem Solving Makes Us Happier

Learning in general exercises our brains in a way that is essential for our brain’s health. Our brains need to be stimulated to be able to work at a good optimum level. For example, if you are sitting an exam, you revise to keep your brain fresh and functioning with the information you need. This can also be a concept for long term learning.

Lessons you will always need, and will regularly need to recall, such as playing a board game at a weekly club, learning a computer programme to do work and even things like setting a table for dinner. When we learn more, we feel better because we feel clever and knowledgeable. Sometimes applying what we have learnt in the form of advice or physical actions can feel extremely rewarding. Feeling useful by giving people information that you know, which will help them is a good feeling.

Problem solving also boosts a person’s morale because they feel clever. Problem solving can also be challenging and exciting. When we are having lots of fun, we are happy. Problem solving and learning can both be fun if they are done in an engaging and rewarding way. The satisfaction when you complete a puzzle or apply your knowledge makes us really happy. Feeling like you have achieved something feels amazing and can brighten up your whole afternoon, day, month, year or even your life.

Learning and Problem-Solving Things That Make Us Happy

Poker is a great example of a learning and problem-solving game that will make you happy. Learning poker takes many years to perfect and to be good at poker requires a lot of good problem-solving skills. Winning at poker is extremely satisfying because the knowledge applied from all the learning has been successful and helped you win. Figuring out who has which cards is a big problem-solving issue in Poker. Mastering skills like this will give you an advantage on other players which will mean you are good at poker. Being good at something makes us happy.

Other games that are good for learning and problem-solving skills are: crosswords, word searches, detective games and mathematics games.

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Give Your Employees the Lighting They Deserve

An office needs to be well-designed to elicit the best work from the employees who work there. This often entails spacious rooms, a kitchen stocked with all the necessary amenities and well located desks. There are also several safety requirements, such as making sure floors are free of any obstructions like cables. One factor that is often overlooked, but is in fact crucial to making sure employees have a beneficial working environment, is good office lighting.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), which is the British independent watchdog for work-related health and safety, lighting is an important safety feature in a workplace. They list a number of lighting requirements that employers should provide, such as:

  • well-lit rooms – natural light should be used where possible
  • suitable emergency lighting
  • good amount of personal lighting at individual workstations
  • well-lit outside areas for night time work and pedestrians

In fact, making sure your office is filled with as much natural light as possible is often the best solution to creating a great working environment. However, in many cities this just isn’t an option because space is valued at a premium, and poor office lighting is common. There is, however, an innovative solution to office lighting. Parans has created an unprecedented product – the Parans system – that follows the sun throughout the day and uses fibre optic cables to transport natural light through a building. It actually distributes sunlight up to thirty floors deep, and into rooms far away from any windows.

This concept is both environmentally friendly and very healthy for us. The health benefits of exposure to sunlight are well known: it activates vitamin D to help our skin, helps us feel better and work more productively; a win-win for both employers and employees.

By using the Parans system, workers that may not have such easy exposure to sunlight on a daily basis, will have this turned around. Many offices are so huge that some employees are forced to reside in offices that have no window access, something that can be severely detrimental to their work output.

As previously mentioned, sunlight has many beneficial properties that include an increased level of brain function, lower blood pressure and, of course, an all-round demeanour of well-being. In some countries, particularly the UK, the incidence of Seasonal Affective Disorder is commonplace, with workers toiling for long hours far away from the reach of the sun. This creates a very negative mental state that can be debilitating in both the workplace and at home. With Parans, this problem is effectively removed, allowing people to feel better and function well every single day.

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Snuff Out Your Cigarette Dependence with Swedish Snus

Tobacco is widely known to be addictive, with cigarettes being the major baddie in the business. For some people it is very hard to bite the bullet and quit smoking, but there are many good reasons to try. It’s no lie that smoking kills, and it is not only affecting your health, but also the health of the people around you. Second hand smoking kills almost 900,000 non-smoking people every year.

There are ways to get your nicotine fix without harming people around you. For example, in Sweden they have figured it out by introducing a product called snus. Snus is tobacco powder which you stick under your lip. The powder is either loose or in small bags. It is completely smokeless, allowing you to use it whenever and wherever. In Sweden, smoking is getting less popular, but using strong snus is becoming more common.

Using snus instead of cigarettes is very common in Sweden, and it’s proving to be a good way to kick the habit of smoking. If you have been smoking for a long time, it might be a good idea to start with strong snus to wean yourself off smoking. Snus is proven to be less harmful than cigarettes, which is why a lot of Swedes use it as an alternative.

The sale of snus has at one point or another been common in most of the Nordic countries, but the selling of these products is currently illegal in every country in the entire European Union except Sweden. There are local varieties in the US, but they do not have the same ingredients or product standards as Swedish snus. On top of that, they typicall contain a significant amount of sweeteners, which is not a commonly used product whatsoever in Swedis snus.

Snus can in some ways be likened to chewing or dipping tobacco. If only to get a sense of what it is. But it is clearly its own product and a different experience from those. The word “snuff” is translated to “snus” in Swedish, but these two products are not the same. Just the fact that they have very different usages, snuff being something you take nasally and snus being placed under the lip.

If snus isn’t for you, other nicotine substitutes are available in the form of patches or gums. They come in different strengths so that the user can adjust their dosage of nicotine. These products are not for long-time use, and you are advised to read up on how they work before using them. And you can always get professional help to quit smoking, which might include therapy or medical treatments. For more information about those options, it’s recommended that you contact your doctor.


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The Most Common Diseases Today

While medicine has made great advances, it is no secret that a number of diseases continue to plague humanity as a whole. Of course, modern technology has done away with such ailments as smallpox and polio, but it is a good idea to take a quick look at a handful of others that are still widespread.


Cancer is considered to be one of the most serious diseases in existence. Thankfully, medical science has now begun to unravel how it works and it is hoped that in the future, a reliable cure can be discovered. Unfortunately, millions of individuals around the world still succumb to cancer each and every year. It is known that both genetics and environmental factors (such as smoking, drinking and stress) play important roles in the development of cancer.


AIDS is another disease that has been troubling scientists for decades. Although the figures are particularly high in Africa and Asia, it is a simple fact that we are all at risk if we choose to carry out dangerous interpersonal practices. Fortunately, HIV and AIDS can both be prevented by eliminating unsafe sex and intravenous drug use.


While not as serious as cancer or AIDS, herpes infects untold millions each and every year. This is often called the “silent” disease, for many of those infected are unaware that they have developed the virus. It can easily be transmitted from person to person through saliva and unfortunately, there is no cure. Although usually mild, some complications such as herpes encephalitis can actually be deadly if left untreated. Also, certain medications and herbal supplements cannot be taken if one has herpes; they will only exacerbate the symptoms. Like AIDS, it is hoped that medical science will one day find a cure for this ailment.


It is estimated that no less than four million residents within the United Kingdom will be diagnosed with diabetes by the year 2025. In fact, this is one of the fastest-growing diseases on the planet while it can also be prevented in many cases. Often caused by obesity, a lack of exercise and poor diet, those who develop diabetes can be presented with grave health risks as they become older. A handful of the most serious include heart disease, stroke, poor circulation and gout. One of the keys to avoiding increased rates is through education, a proper diet and regular exercise.

These are some of the most common diseases suffered by millions around the world. Although we have come a long way in their diagnosis and treatment, it is still an unfortunate fact that any cures may be decades away or longer.

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Health and Medical News Today

There has been an increasing trend for employers to require their employees to take health tests as threatening them if they fail to do this. Many employers have even started offering their employees financial incentives if they take part in special wellness programmes including screenings for cholesterol, blood pressure and body mass index. However, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has recently taken offense to these wellness programmes due to their lack of clarity.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a number of lawsuits against companies that try to force their employees to take part in these wellness programmes. Although the issue has yet to be resolved, the American government has stepped in a asserted that employees have no legal standing to force their employees to take part in the wellness programmes.

Mental Health Attitudes are Changing

A large number of public health campaigns have been run in recent years to help remove the stigma from mental health. These campaigns aim to increase awareness of mental health issues and shed light on the fact that mental health sufferers are not second class citizens. Just like other types of illnesses, mental health issues have causes and treatments, although more research is often needed to get to the route of the problem. In the meantime, campaigns that focus on the way mental health sufferers are viewed and treated have been making a lot of headway and attitudes are changing slowly but surely.

New Study Reveals that Improved Diet and Exercise Can Prevent Diabetes

A recent study conducted by members of the Danube University Krems and the Medical University of Vienna have revealed that diet and exercise play an important role in the prevention and control of diabetes. Millions of people around the world have pre-diabetes, which means that they have the tendency to develop type 2 diabetes. A number of different types of medicines have been developed to lower blood sugar levels in pre-diabetes sufferers, which either prevent or delay full-blown diabetes from developing. However, studies have shown that lifestyle has a dramatic impact on diabetes and people who exercise regularly and follow a diet that is low in salt, sugar and fat also have a much lower chance of developing type 2 diabetes.

CDC Says the Benefits of Circumcision Outweigh the Risks

For many years, circumcision has been a very sensitive issue and many people are trying to have the practice banned altogether, while other people say that it has important health and religious benefits. However, new evidence suggests that circumcision may actually be very beneficial. Officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have stated that cutting away the foreskin prevents germs from growing underneath it. In addition, research has shown that this procedure can lower the risk of penile cancer, the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and even urinary tract infections. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not have the power to force parents to have their children circumcised, the board is strongly recommending it on the basis of health reasons.

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Cancer Research Today

At one time in the not-so-distant past, to be diagnosed with cancer was to be given a virtual death sentence. Thankfully, advancements in medical science have proven to offer effective ways to combat this serious condition. Although we are still a long way off from developing a “silver bullet” to finally eradicate this disease, there is no doubt that technology has come a long way in the areas of diagnosis, treatment and prevention. So, what progress proves to be the most promising? Let’s take a closer look.

Culturing Individual Cells

One of the most interesting achievements lies within the realm of what is known as cell culture research through such companies as Biolamina. In essence, this involves the creation single cells within a laboratory environment. This is so very important because it allows researchers to isolate and understand various mechanisms within these cells; previously impossible to view on a large scale. In turn, more targeted cancer treatments can be developed. These can then be adopted for system-wide solutions. While still in its relative infancy, cell culturing represents a massive medical breakthrough.

Genetic Research

Another promising field is that of genetics. One of the issues with cancer is that many forms are thought to be activated through what is known as genetic coding. In other words, some individuals may have a higher chance of developing cancer later in life than others. Doctors are now using the field of cancer genetics to begin appreciating what makes cancer “tick”. This can lead to earlier detection and monitoring techniques. When this disease is discovered, the chances of survival and recovery are much higher.


This is an interesting field that involves the manipulation of molecular-sized “machines” to target and discover cancerous growths. This actually has several advantages over traditional forms of chemotherapy. The primary benefit is that these machines are quite tiny; it is thought that they can even be inserted into the body through the use of a normal syringe. Once present, they are programmed to ONLY target cancerous cells while leaving healthy cells untouched. This is far better than chemotherapy which tends to harm other tissues. Once these molecules destroy the cancer that is present, they will simply be excreted like other forms of waste within the body. These are some of the fundamental benefits of nanotechnology when applied to cancer treatments.

Natural Remedies

Although there is no doubt that science has come a long way, others are discovering the potent abilities of natural substances to combat and even prevent cancer. For example, antioxidants contained in many fruits and vegetables have been shown to stop cellular damage; one of the primary causes of many forms of cancer. What is most promising in terms of this research is that no artificial chemicals are involved. Thus, there are absolutely no side effects such as those that would be experienced with chemotherapy or other standard treatment options.

So, will cancer one day be eradicated from the human race? Most scientists agree that it is still too early to tell. The fact remains that if advancements continue the way they have in recent years, it may very well only be a matter of time before this deadly disease is a thing of the past.

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What Is Good Health?

We hear over and over again that we should live healthy lifestyles, try to maintain good health in order to live longer and happier lives, but have you ever thought about the individual factors that combine to determine whether somebody has ‘good health’ or not? The term ‘good health’ is one that encompasses a varied number of different elements, both mental and physical; let’s break them down.

Structural Health

This term refers to the condition and well being of your bones, organs and muscles. It is important that these ‘structures’ are kept healthy in order to be able to function to their full ability and help the body to work as is should. Structural health is most commonly the type of health that people tend to notice about themselves and work to maintain. The key factors associated with structural health are a person’s height and weight, combining to produce a BMI (body mass index).

Mental Health

Mental health refers specifically to all the emotional and cognitive processes that the body produces every second of the day. People who are in ‘good mental health’ do not suffer from any kind of mental problem such as depression or bipolar disorder, and can easily cope with the stresses of everyday life. To be in ‘good mental health’, however, is extremely subjective and can change from day to day depending on the individual.

Chemical Health

To be in good chemical health means that the chemicals found within a person’s body are acting in a correct and balanced manner with the right amount of nutrients and a good lack of any toxicity. A person can swallow, inhale and absorb both synthetic and natural chemicals, but in most cases these chemicals will be broken down or excreted, therefore keeping us in good health. However, if these chemicals are introduced in too high an amount, they can destroy cells and tissue and increase the risk of, for example, cancer.

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