An office needs to be well-designed to elicit the best work from the employees who work there. This often entails spacious rooms, a kitchen stocked with all the necessary amenities and well located desks. There are also several safety requirements, such as making sure floors are free of any obstructions like cables. One factor that is often overlooked, but is in fact crucial to making sure employees have a beneficial working environment, is good office lighting.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), which is the British independent watchdog for work-related health and safety, lighting is an important safety feature in a workplace. They list a number of lighting requirements that employers should provide, such as:

  • well-lit rooms – natural light should be used where possible
  • suitable emergency lighting
  • good amount of personal lighting at individual workstations
  • well-lit outside areas for night time work and pedestrians

In fact, making sure your office is filled with as much natural light as possible is often the best solution to creating a great working environment. However, in many cities this just isn’t an option because space is valued at a premium, and poor office lighting is common. There is, however, an innovative solution to office lighting. Parans has created an unprecedented product – the Parans system – that follows the sun throughout the day and uses fibre optic cables to transport natural light through a building. It actually distributes sunlight up to thirty floors deep, and into rooms far away from any windows.

This concept is both environmentally friendly and very healthy for us. The health benefits of exposure to sunlight are well known: it activates vitamin D to help our skin, helps us feel better and work more productively; a win-win for both employers and employees.

By using the Parans system, workers that may not have such easy exposure to sunlight on a daily basis, will have this turned around. Many offices are so huge that some employees are forced to reside in offices that have no window access, something that can be severely detrimental to their work output.

As previously mentioned, sunlight has many beneficial properties that include an increased level of brain function, lower blood pressure and, of course, an all-round demeanour of well-being. In some countries, particularly the UK, the incidence of Seasonal Affective Disorder is commonplace, with workers toiling for long hours far away from the reach of the sun. This creates a very negative mental state that can be debilitating in both the workplace and at home. With Parans, this problem is effectively removed, allowing people to feel better and function well every single day.