As we’ve previously mentioned, sunlight is a very important par of our lives. When we don’t get enough of it, we can start to experience one r several negative effects. Since most of us work during the day, getting enough sunlight can, in certain areas and times of the year, be a bit more of a challenge.

Daily light exposure is part of a healthy lifestyle, but is not always possible through the common solution of the simple window. A different method is, however, accessable today: sunlight through solar fibre optics.

How Solar Fibre Optics Work

The physics behind Solar Fibre Optics is quite simple. There are three main components used in the installation, and these are the Solar Collectors/Receivers, Fibre Optic Cables and the Indoor Lights. The Solar collectors consist of small mirrors which focuses the sunlight into the fibre optic cables. They are usually placed on the rooftop and configured to track the sun all day. The Fiber Optic Cables transmit the captured sunlight throughout the building where they are connected to the Indoor Lights.

The Indoor Lights are lighting apparatuses that disperse the sunlight into the building. Although the installation process may be a little expensive, the long-term benefits are definitely worth it. Not only will you save cost on electricity over time, but you will also enjoy the health benefits that comes from sunlight. With several expert installers that can handle the installation of Solar Fibre Optics perfectly, you really can’t say no to those doses of Vitamin D.