Learning in general exercises our brains in a way that is essential for our brain’s health. Our brains need to be stimulated to be able to work at a good optimum level. For example, if you are sitting an exam, you revise to keep your brain fresh and functioning with the information you need. This can also be a concept for long term learning.

Lessons you will always need, and will regularly need to recall, such as playing a board game at a weekly club, learning a computer programme to do work and even things like setting a table for dinner. When we learn more, we feel better because we feel clever and knowledgeable. Sometimes applying what we have learnt in the form of advice or physical actions can feel extremely rewarding. Feeling useful by giving people information that you know, which will help them is a good feeling.

Problem solving also boosts a person’s morale because they feel clever. Problem solving can also be challenging and exciting. When we are having lots of fun, we are happy. Problem solving and learning can both be fun if they are done in an engaging and rewarding way. The satisfaction when you complete a puzzle or apply your knowledge makes us really happy. Feeling like you have achieved something feels amazing and can brighten up your whole afternoon, day, month, year or even your life.

Learning and Problem-Solving Things That Make Us Happy

Poker is a great example of a learning and problem-solving game that will make you happy. Learning poker takes many years to perfect and to be good at poker requires a lot of good problem-solving skills. Winning at poker is extremely satisfying because the knowledge applied from all the learning has been successful and helped you win. Figuring out who has which cards is a big problem-solving issue in Poker. Mastering skills like this will give you an advantage on other players which will mean you are good at poker. Being good at something makes us happy.

Other games that are good for learning and problem-solving skills are: crosswords, word searches, detective games and mathematics games.