Tobacco is widely known to be addictive, with cigarettes being the major baddie in the business. For some people it is very hard to bite the bullet and quit smoking, but there are many good reasons to try. It’s no lie that smoking kills, and it is not only affecting your health, but also the health of the people around you. Second hand smoking kills almost 900,000 non-smoking people every year.

There are ways to get your nicotine fix without harming people around you. For example, in Sweden they have figured it out by introducing a product called snus. Snus is tobacco powder which you stick under your lip. The powder is either loose or in small bags. It is completely smokeless, allowing you to use it whenever and wherever. In Sweden, smoking is getting less popular, but using strong snus is becoming more common.

Using snus instead of cigarettes is very common in Sweden, and it’s proving to be a good way to kick the habit of smoking. If you have been smoking for a long time, it might be a good idea to start with strong snus to wean yourself off smoking. Snus is proven to be less harmful than cigarettes, which is why a lot of Swedes use it as an alternative.

The sale of snus has at one point or another been common in most of the Nordic countries, but the selling of these products is currently illegal in every country in the entire European Union except Sweden. There are local varieties in the US, but they do not have the same ingredients or product standards as Swedish snus. On top of that, they typicall contain a significant amount of sweeteners, which is not a commonly used product whatsoever in Swedis snus.

Snus can in some ways be likened to chewing or dipping tobacco. If only to get a sense of what it is. But it is clearly its own product and a different experience from those. The word “snuff” is translated to “snus” in Swedish, but these two products are not the same. Just the fact that they have very different usages, snuff being something you take nasally and snus being placed under the lip.

If snus isn’t for you, other nicotine substitutes are available in the form of patches or gums. They come in different strengths so that the user can adjust their dosage of nicotine. These products are not for long-time use, and you are advised to read up on how they work before using them. And you can always get professional help to quit smoking, which might include therapy or medical treatments. For more information about those options, it’s recommended that you contact your doctor.