With recent studies about the effect of sunlight, it is now a known fact that the ray of sunshine is more of a friend than an enemy. In fact, scientists have been able to confirm that sunlight is essential for human existence in more ways than one. Every day, we receive an unmeasurable amount of sunlight with only a portion of it properly utilised. Among the several benefits from sunlight, the focus of this discussion will be on the effect of sunlight on the eyes. However, directly gazing at the sun is dangerous and is not encouraged as this can cause huge damage to your retina.

How sunshine help maintain the efficiency of the eyes.

In a book titled Yoga of Perfect Sight, authored by R. S. Agarwal, it was stated that the human eye needs light to retain its performance. Sunlight is as necessary to the human eye as are relaxation and rest. A quick study of how the eyes work, reveals the dependency of the human eyes on the transfer of light. Research was carried out by a group of scientists at King’s College, London. This research was focused on examining the vision of some European adults. It was observed at the end that adults who have more exposure to sunlight at childhood were less likely to develop myopia.

Maximising the potential of sunshine for your eyes.

If you want to enjoy the potential of sunlight, you would need to be conversant with nature. There is a need to take note of when the sun rises, how long it takes to reach its peak and also how long it takes before setting at different period of the year. This helps you to plan your outdoor activities properly even with tight work schedule. Treat your eyes like a living organism that needs to be fed, and its only food is good light. Create more outdoor activities for yourself to keep your eyes well fed. However, avoid intense sunlight or when the sun is at its peak.