While medicine has made great advances, it is no secret that a number of diseases continue to plague humanity as a whole. Of course, modern technology has done away with such ailments as smallpox and polio, but it is a good idea to take a quick look at a handful of others that are still widespread.


Cancer is considered to be one of the most serious diseases in existence. Thankfully, medical science has now begun to unravel how it works and it is hoped that in the future, a reliable cure can be discovered. Unfortunately, millions of individuals around the world still succumb to cancer each and every year. It is known that both genetics and environmental factors (such as smoking, drinking and stress) play important roles in the development of cancer.


AIDS is another disease that has been troubling scientists for decades. Although the figures are particularly high in Africa and Asia, it is a simple fact that we are all at risk if we choose to carry out dangerous interpersonal practices. Fortunately, HIV and AIDS can both be prevented by eliminating unsafe sex and intravenous drug use.


While not as serious as cancer or AIDS, herpes infects untold millions each and every year. This is often called the “silent” disease, for many of those infected are unaware that they have developed the virus. It can easily be transmitted from person to person through saliva and unfortunately, there is no cure. Although usually mild, some complications such as herpes encephalitis can actually be deadly if left untreated. Also, certain medications and herbal supplements cannot be taken if one has herpes; they will only exacerbate the symptoms. Like AIDS, it is hoped that medical science will one day find a cure for this ailment.


It is estimated that no less than four million residents within the United Kingdom will be diagnosed with diabetes by the year 2025. In fact, this is one of the fastest-growing diseases on the planet while it can also be prevented in many cases. Often caused by obesity, a lack of exercise and poor diet, those who develop diabetes can be presented with grave health risks as they become older. A handful of the most serious include heart disease, stroke, poor circulation and gout. One of the keys to avoiding increased rates is through education, a proper diet and regular exercise.

These are some of the most common diseases suffered by millions around the world. Although we have come a long way in their diagnosis and treatment, it is still an unfortunate fact that any cures may be decades away or longer.